Report an abandoned or nuisance vehicle

Report an abandoned or nuisance vehicle

What’s an abandoned or nuisance vehicle, when and how to report one.

What we can’t help with

We can’t help with:

  • a vehicle that’s been declared as off the road (SORN) and left on a public road, contact the DVLA
  • a vehicle on fire, being vandalised or having parts removed, call 999
  • a vehicle at risk of being set on fire, vandalised or blocking a public footpath or highway, call 101

What's an abandoned vehicle

An abandoned vehicle:

  • has no registered owner
  • is causing a hazard or safety issue
  • is burnt out
  • is taxed but badly damaged, so likely to be abandoned, such as a vehicle with flat tyres, missing wheels or broken windows
  • has been untaxed for at least a month and in the same position on a public road for at least two months

Check if the vehicle is taxed on GOV.UK

Report an abandoned vehicle

If the abandoned vehicle is on your property, you must: 

You can report the vehicle once you’ve done this.

You’ll need to tell us the vehicle’s type, if it looks like it could be driven and the:

  • make
  • model
  • colour
  • location

You can upload photos.

Report an abandoned vehicle

Before we can remove an abandoned vehicle we:

  • must try to contact the owner
  • will leave a notice on the vehicle for 15 days, warning it'll be removed if no one claims it

Abandoned vehicle in a park or open space

Use the report a problem in a park form.

A vehicle parked on a double yellow lines or double parked

Call 0117 903 8070 or email

Vehicles being sold or repaired

Tell us if someone is causing a nuisance by:

  • regularly repairing vehicles on a road or pavement
  • selling two or more cars, within 500 metres of each other

Contact our bins, recycling and street maintenance team.