Popular Clifton high street to be pedestrianised in new trial

Popular Clifton high street to be pedestrianised in new trial

A small section of popular high street Princess Victoria Street, in Clifton, is to be pedestrianised next week as part of work to deliver cleaner air and make walking and cycling easier.

13 August 2021

The road will be closed to motorists from 11am to 5pm every day, including weekends, between Waterloo Road and Regent Street in response to a recent survey that showed local support for reducing traffic in Clifton Village.

Planters, outdoor seating, cycle parking, and ramps for wheelchairs and pushchairs will be installed as part of the scheme, which has been requested by the Clifton ward councillors in response to the survey feedback.

The scheme will reduce rat-running, through traffic on the road, allow businesses to trade outdoors, improve walking and cycling journeys and provide people with more places to stop and rest.

Mayor Marvin Rees said: “We are committed to delivering more liveable neighbourhoods with less traffic congestion and pollution, so I am pleased to back the request of the Clifton councillors to trial pedestrianisation on part of Princess Victoria Street. It is clear the local community want to see less traffic on their roads, to breathe cleaner air, and to feel safer when travelling on foot or by bike. We must take bold action if we are to deliver on these priorities. This trial will form part of work to help us meet our ambitious air quality and climate commitments, alongside the Clean Air Zone and plans for a mass transit public transport system on over and underground lines. Our recent pedestrianisation schemes on Cotham Hill, King Street and in the Old City have proved to be very popular, and I hope to see the same benefits as we trial this scheme on Princess Victoria Street. I urge everyone to visit Clifton Village, enjoy the new shared space for pedestrians and cyclists, and support our local highstreets as we rebuild from the pandemic.”

The timed closure is being implemented on Saturday 21 August using an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order that can be in place for a maximum of 18 months. During the first six months, people will have the chance to make comments on the proposals.

The affected area will also be closed from Monday 16 August to Friday 20 August to allow for installation of the pedestrianisation scheme. Officers will be on the ground to arrange access for businesses for deliveries and loading.

Cllr Paula O’Rourke and and Cllr Katy Grant, Clifton ward members, said: “I believe that limiting through-traffic on Princess Victoria Street, between 11am and 5pm every day, will give residents and visitors the space to shop at leisure. When the street is car-free, it will be a cleaner and safer place for community use. This change will make Clifton even more vibrant and exciting. As it is being done as an experiment, we can continue to consult with the community and monitor if traffic is displaced and amend if needed. I really welcome this improvement to this short section of the street.”

Lockable bollards will be used to block the road between Waterloo Street and Regent Street from 11am to 5pm. Motorists will be able to access the rest of Princess Victoria Street via Sion Hill.

Parking will be removed in pedestrianised zone to enable outdoor trading and the installation of outdoor facilities. Double yellow lines will also be installed between the Mall and Waterloo Street to ensure safety for all users.

The one-way system between the Mall and Regent Street will also be reversed to enable the scheme. This means traffic will travel eastbound, towards Regent Street, when the road is open to motorists between 5pm and 11am.

Cllr Don Alexander, Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “Pedestrianisation on a section of Princess Victoria Street is being introduced in response to suggestions from local people to help make sustainable transport options easier. The views of the community will continue to be of utmost importance as we monitor the trial closure. Consultation will be open for the first six months of the experiment so please do get involved and have your say if you have any views or suggestions. I look forward to seeing the scheme in place and to working with the Clifton councillors and the local community to ensure it is working for the benefit of everyone.”

The council will be closely monitoring the impacts of the scheme, including traffic levels on adjacent and alternative roads, and changes to walking and cycling levels in the area.

The consultation will be open for comments for six months starting Saturday 21 August on the council’s Traffic Regulation Orders webpage.

Anyone with enquiries can contact or call 0117 903 6449.

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