The World Reimagined: Virtual launch of Bristol’s Inspire Community Programme

The World Reimagined: Virtual launch of Bristol’s Inspire Community Programme

A ground-breaking art education project that aims to transform how the city understands the transatlantic traffic of enslaved Africans and its legacy is calling for Bristolians involved in racial justice to join the project.

5 April 2022

Bristol is one of seven UK cities set to host The World Reimagined project, which will see a trail of ten large globe structures on display across the city from August to October 2022.

As well as local people, it will involve internationally recognised artists responding to themes ranging from ‘Mother Africa’ and ‘Reimagine the Future’ to ‘Still We Rise’ and ‘Expanding Soul’.

An essential part of the project is working with local people and organisations who have done - and are doing - powerful work for racial justice.

Interested organisations can hear more about the project and how to get involved at the Bristol Inspire Community Programme online launch on Tuesday 5 April, from 1pm to 2pm. Book a place at the virtual launch.

Councillor Asher Craig, Deputy Mayor of Bristol, said: “We are excited to partner with The World Reimagined and join other cities across the UK to consider how we understand the transatlantic slave trade and its lasting impact on Bristol.

“It will help us grapple with our heritage and try to unravel the mistruths, misrepresentations, and miseducation around Bristol’s role in the transatlantic traffic of enslaved Africans.

“This project encourages communities to come together in dialogue to re-examine our understanding of our history and reimagine the world that we can create together.”

The community launch will be followed by an in-person event at Trinity Arts Centre on Thursday 28 April at 6pm.

Bristol Community Co-ordinator, Cleo Lake, said: “At the heart of our mission is community. We are working to create a moment and platform to honour the countless people and organisations who do the work of making racial justice a reality, and to support those organisations to continue and grow their work and share it with more people.

“I am looking forward to working with organisations across Bristol to highlight and celebrate local stories, as well as helping them to run their own activities and events as part of The World Reimagined.”

Through the Inspire Community Programme, The World Reimagined will offer Bristol organisations partnership and micro grants, as well as events listings. 

In addition, a series of workshops will take place that will include skills-based topics to provide an essential moment for people to come together to explore the programme’s themes.

These sessions will also look at lived experiences and how communities can put together content and make sure resources are relevant, sensitively written and empowering.

The community programme is at the heart of the mission and concept of The World Reimagined. By encouraging, supporting and building meaningful connections within host cities, coupled with art, history and dialogue, the project reinforces the message that this is not ‘black history’, but instead, all our history.

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