Residents of Lockleaze to benefit from new local lettings policy

Residents of Lockleaze to benefit from new local lettings policy

People living in Lockleaze will get priority for new affordable housing being built in the area, thanks to a new policy that has been created alongside local residents.

A new local lettings policy for Lockleaze, created by Bristol City Council and Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust, will ensure that new social housing built in the area will benefit local residents in housing need.

The policy aims to make sure that the new homes built in the neighbourhood can benefit current residents and help build more sustainable communities. 

Councillor Tom Renhard, Cabinet Member for Housing Delivery and Homes, said: “We are committed to the creation of a mixed and balanced community within Lockleaze and it is important to make sure the new developments in the area play an active part in this.

“We recognise the need to strike a balance to ensure that local residents in housing need benefit from the development in their areas as well as others, and believe that this lettings policy will help to make that a reality. 

“We welcomed the opportunity to build a strong effective working relationship with Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust and the local residents during this process and look forward to continuing this positive engagement into the future.

“We have worked hard to ensure that the community has driven decision making throughout the development of this policy and have been given the space to provide meaningful input at every stage.”

Under the new policy 50 per cent of new social and affordable rented properties on any new developments being built within Lockleaze will be allocated to applicants that meet the relevant criteria. This includes people who have lived or worked in Lockleaze for at least two years.

In the case of Community Led Housing developments 100 per cent of the new social and affordable units will be allocated in line with the Local Lettings Policy where possible.

There are a number of residential developments coming to Lockleaze, including Bonnington Walk, and Romney House, and by allocating social housing in this way, the policy will make a significant difference to local people who currently find themselves in housing need. 

There was a high level of local engagement during the creation of the policy, with the council taking part in a number of different community events.
Maria Perrett, Lockleaze resident and Chair of the Residents Planning Group, said: "Adoption of the Lockleaze Lettings Policy is fantastic news and a wonderful example of how all those who got involved have brought about positive change by using their voice effectively. 

“Residents have worked closely with Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust and the council to help people in housing need to stay in the area. That's what makes Lockleaze such a great community and why residents want to continue to live here."

The policy also aims to address the current challenge of providing homes for both growing families and those who are downsizing, to enable people to move within the area as their needs change over time.

It will be reviewed annually, and it is hoped it can become a template that can be rolled out to other areas of the city.

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