Increased payments for foster carers

Increased payments for foster carers

Bristol’s foster carers will receive increased fees and allowances to recognise the amazing job they do for vulnerable children in the city.

12 April 2022

People who choose to offer foster care through Bristol City Council will now receive increased payments - up to £458 per week for each child they care for - making fostering a more financially viable option and helping cover the cost-of-living increases.

Not only will the improved fees and allowances support those who are already opening their homes to children, the hope is it will attract more people to foster with the council.

Councillor Asher Craig, Deputy Mayor with responsibility for Children's Services, Education and Equalities, said: “This increase in payment highlights the value we place on our foster carers in Bristol. We know that stable foster placements provide the best experience for children in care and through this investment, we hope to retain as many of our foster carers as possible whilst also attracting new carers across the city.

“Demand for foster carers is increasing month on month, and it is heart-breaking to see children in need, without a welcoming home to go to. If you are considering fostering, or would like to find out more, I’d strongly encourage you to contact the team for an informal, commitment-free chat. You don’t need to be married, own your own house, or have special qualifications. If you can provide a safe and welcoming home, have compassion, kindness, and a sense of humour, you have what it takes to foster.”

One of our foster carers, Alex Taylor, said: “For me fostering is a hugely rewarding but also challenging role. It is undertaken by some of our city's most resilient and caring people who regularly go above and beyond for the young people they look after. It's important that our skills and knowledge are rewarded and that the love we show our children recognised.

“I think the increased fees and allowances are to be welcomed as a step in the right direction. I also hope that if there are families out there interested in fostering who previously thought it may not work out financially that they now take a second look at the fees Bristol City Council offer and make an enquiry just to see if fostering can work for them and their family.”

There are at least 30 children seeking foster carers in Bristol, and this is set to increase as more unaccompanied children flee war torn countries.
For more information about the revised fee structure, please visit our Foster with Bristol City Council website.

To enquire about fostering a child in Bristol, please fill in the application form on the Fostering Bristol website, or call our Fostering Recruitment Team on 0117 353 4200.

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