Final call to complete 2021 voter registration form

Final call to complete 2021 voter registration form

Bristol residents have only two weeks to complete their annual canvass form before the council sends canvassers to door-knock each house where people haven’t yet updated their details.

22 September 2021

The annual canvass is the national database that adds residents to the electoral register.

So far this year 80 per cent of forms have been completed digitally. Residents who haven’t completed their form yet are encouraged to ensure their details are up to date so they don’t lose their voice on decisions that affect them.

Tim O’Gara, Director of Legal and Democratic Services, Bristol City Council, said:

“People who have moved in the last 12 months are particularly encouraged to check the details and respond, if required. Being on the electoral register enables you to vote and can also have an effect on your credit score and help with obtaining a loan.”

Bristol City Council are urging residents to use the online form to help reduce the lengthy and costly process of council employees having to visit each house who the council doesn’t hear from.

Residents should check their annual canvass form to see if they need to respond but households with changes in the last 12 months should always return the form if anything needs updating.

The form can be updated with the correct information online by visiting (or by returning the postal form).

For more information about the annual canvass visit

Residents can officially register to vote by visiting

Completing the annual canvass form adds people to the electoral register, but the government also requires people to register to vote by visiting

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