Covid and austerity impact Bristol quality of life

Covid and austerity impact Bristol quality of life

Two years into the pandemic and Bristol’s citizens feel significantly less satisfied with life than before COVID-19 took hold.

31 January 2022

The figures have been revealed in Bristol City Council’s annual Quality of Life survey which analysed the responses of almost 3,900 randomly selected people living in the city.

The results also found the satisfaction gap between the citywide responses and those in the most deprived areas of the city is continuing to close, indicating that resources are being prioritised towards the most vulnerable during these difficult times.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, said: “This year’s results provide us with a challenging but understandable picture of how residents feel about Bristol. The COVID-19 pandemic and the effects of continued underfunding from national government continue to have an impact on all our lives.

“I’m encouraged to see that we are putting council resources where they’re needed most and that our efforts are going some way to making the city a more equal place to live. This is confirmed with the satisfaction from deprived areas generally increasing from last year. But there is always more we must do as we work together to build a cleaner, greener and fairer city, for all Bristolians.”

The Quality of Life survey, in its 22nd year, shows an interesting picture of how local and national events impact people’s lives. COVID-19 is likely to have contributed to results such as people being significantly less satisfied with their quality of life, their local area, how often they see family and friends, and reporting their mental health as below average. Similarly, there was a significant increase in satisfaction scores for local parks, with more people saying they visit them at least once a week.

Overall, results from the survey show that of the 50 headline Priority Indicators shown, six are improved on 2020/21 results (four by a statistically significant amount) and nine are unchanged, whereas 30 indicators are worse than last year (19 by a statistically significant amount); five are new measures this year.

The 2021-22 Quality of Life Priority Indicator results are available now on the council website at

The full report including all 190 indicators will be published in March.

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