Commercial waste collection: a new standard for Bristol

Commercial waste collection: a new standard for Bristol

A new waste collection pilot has been launched in the Old City to make Bristol cleaner, safer, and litter-free.

Businesses are being asked to change the way they present their waste for collection, to help keep the city centre streets tidy and ultimately encourage more visitors to Bristol and help the economic recovery post-pandemic.

Streets that are free from trade bins and waste are more pleasant and inviting for residents and visitors. They allow people more space to move around the city, and improved access and appearance can also help businesses to attract more customers.

When trade waste is permanently stored on our streets it attracts vermin, causes litter and can stop people with mobility issues or with pushchairs from getting around.

The key elements of the new approach are:

  • Introducing co-ordinated times for when businesses should put their waste out
  • Ensuring waste is safely contained and not able to spill over, or be ripped open
  • Making sure businesses store their waste containers on their premises and not on the street

The council are also encouraging businesses to recycle as much of their waste as possible, which will help the environment and possibly reduce the cost of wate disposal.

The pilot scheme will begin with a period of engagement, allowing businesses time to understand the new rules and get new collection arrangements in place.

But where companies repeatedly fail to comply with the rules the council will take enforcement action. This includes the removal of their bin, fixed penalty notices of up to £110 and as a last resort, prosecution.

Councillor Nicola Beech said: “We are committed to cleaning up Bristol. Finding new and better ways to manage, reduce and collect commercial waste in the city plays a big part in achieving this aim, so we have launched a new commercial waste pilot for businesses in the Old City. 

“The pandemic has been a challenge for everyone, but there is no two ways about it that making Bristol cleaner, safer and more accessible will support our post-pandemic recovery."

“We’ll be working closely with businesses and commercial waste operators and giving plenty of time to adapt to the changes. It is important that we make these changes, confront and reduce the waste our city generates and encourage improving recycling on our commercial premises. This is another step in meeting our climate emergency objectives."

“As part of this new standard we’ll be learning alongside the businesses. No doubt we’ll make improvements to the approach ahead of a wider roll out across Bristol in the next year. By working together, we can make Bristol a great city to live in, work in and visit.”

Members of the waste team will be visiting businesses in the Old City area over the next few weeks to answer any questions they may have.  
To find out more, visit waste improvement for businesses

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