Bristol unveils 2022-23 budget plans

Bristol unveils 2022-23 budget plans

Consultation will seek city’s views on savings.

2 November 2021

As local authorities up and down the country face unprecedented financial pressures, Bristol City Council is calling for a city-wide approach to help bridge a £23m budget gap.

A consultation will launch on Friday to seek the public’s views to mitigate the shortfall, which is linked to the pandemic and increasing social care costs. This includes options for council tax levels and social care precept, while the council also looks to become more efficient to reduce costs.

Deputy Mayor with responsibility for Finance, Governance and Performance, Cllr Craig Cheney, said: “There remains a significant financial challenge for the coming year and Bristol is not alone. The local picture in Bristol reflects the national one as the public sector is squeezed like never before.

“Reduced Government funding comes at a time when need has never been greater as people face housing, care, mental health and employment crises. Our biggest expenditure is social care services, and demand and costs for care services has increased.

“Setting a budget for the next year is a complex task and we are looking at all ways we can drive down costs and work more efficiently while continuing to provide the services our citizens value.”

The council is considering the following areas to make savings, and will further consult on these if any changes are proposed:

  • Reviewing all property owned by the council, deciding are we making best use of it and is it being run efficiently.
  • Make the council more business-like, for example by charging the going market rate for chargeable services, and seeking grant/external funding for services.
  • Improve efficiency by potentially joining up some council services, removing unnecessary duplication, and getting best value from our suppliers.
  • Making more use of digital technology to help remove or reduce costs.
  • Reducing the need for direct services by helping to enable other organisations, communities, and individuals to take things on.
  • Redesigning, reducing or stopping services where this is feasible. 

The budget consultation starts on Friday 5 November and is open until Friday 17 December. A link will be published on the council’s website, and paper copies will also be made available. 

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