Bristol residents and organisations honoured with Lord Mayor’s Medals

Bristol residents and organisations honoured with Lord Mayor’s Medals

Sixteen individuals and two organisations have been presented with The Lord Mayor's Medal for their contributions to Bristol's communities.

17 May 2022

Now in its 39th year, the Lord Mayor’s Medal awards celebrate the achievements and charitable efforts of Bristolian citizens who have gone above and beyond for their communities over the past year. This year’s Lord Mayor Medals have been awarded to recipients and organisations who have shown remarkable acts of dedication to good causes in the city in areas such as community service, volunteering, youth work, and fundraising.

The medal recipients were presented with their medals by the Lord Mayor, Councillor Steve Smith, at Mansion house, Clifton, alongside seven other councillors of Bristol.

The Lord Mayor, Councillor Steve Smith, said: “It has been an honour to meet these inspiring people, and award them with the Lord Mayor’s Medals. Their selfless acts of commitment to the communities of Bristol, has been so rightly recognised in this ceremony, with each and every awardee demonstrating a unique dedication to helping others and supporting the people of this city.

“These awards are a timely reminder of the resilient Bristolian spirit, and shine a light on the volunteers, fundraisers, and charity organisations across Bristol. I am grateful for the incredible work that they do to make our city a better place.’

This year’s achievements include:

Mike Robbins who set up and runs the Fishing Project, a scheme which helps to deter young people from anti-social behaviour, crime, drug and alcohol misuse. The scheme was established in 2007 and to date has supported over 250 young people. Through the environment of fishing the scheme helps people to gain new skills, build confidence, and engage positively with others.

Feed the Homeless who are a fully volunteer led organisation helping to prepare, cook and serve food packs and meals for homeless people in Bristol. They rent the kitchen at the Quakers Meeting House in River Street and serve hot meals every Friday and Sunday evening throughout the year including Christmas and New Year’s Day. Volunteers are on first name terms with all their street friends (known as friends rather than customers) and know their histories and backgrounds.

Kelly May, a Hartcliffe & Withywood Community Champion, who has worked in conjunction with local services to enrich the lives of socially and economically disadvantaged families, single parents, children, and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities by organising markets, fun days and festivities for the local community to ensure they feel included throughout the year regardless of their circumstance or background.

The judging criteria for this year’s nomination were:

  • service of the nominee and what is unique, distinctive, or special about it
  • how the nominee has enhanced the quality of life for the people and city of Bristol

The Lord Mayor presided over the judging panel, which included councillors from all major parties. The panel evaluated the anonymous nomination forms and assessed each one based on its contribution to Bristol’s communities, plus the strength of supporting forms. All nominations put forward were unpaid or unrelated to the person’s career.

View the full list of medal recipients and their achievements below.

See below the full list of medal recipients and their achievements

1. Elizabeth (Liz) Corrigan

Liz was a volunteer on the Old Girl’s Guild of Redland Junior High School and its Chair for many years. She was also Chair of the Parent’s Association, a parent governor, full governor and trustee of the school.  Liz was instrumental in maintaining amicable cooperation when Redland Highschool and Red Maids merged in 2016. 

Following her retirement, Liz became a Magistrate in the Bristol and Bath area, became a volunteer governor at Bristol Royal Infirmary (from 2009 for several years), becoming the spokesperson for the Governors to the Board of the newly formed Trust. 

At 70, Liz retired from being a Magistrate and joined the South West Regional Committee for Beneden Health as a volunteer where she is currently the Secretary. 

Other notable activities include:

  • Being Chair of the Abbeyfield House Committee for 5 Clyde Road (five years) and helping to organise the Surf Club camping and surfing trips to Croyde
  • Undertaking a fundraising skydive in 2011 for the Department of Obstetrics at St Michael’s Hospital, smashing her target of £400 by raising £550

2. Helga Wawra (International)

Helga is nominated by the Bristol International Twinning Association and in recognition of her role in the in the relationship between Bristol and Hannover over many years. As Vice-Chair of the Hannover-Bristol Association, Helga has taken many initiatives to take the relationship forward including organising exchanges of citizens and young people, ensuring Bristol is at the forefront of Hannover's twinning activities and increasing membership of the association.  

3. Toby Fletcher 

Toby is this year’s youngest recipient at just 11 year’s old. He participated in Tobys "Bearathon". Running a km for every point scored against the Bears for St Peter's Hospice because they looked after my Nanny June so well. As of 16/05/22 he has raised £12,970. You can see his fundraising page here:

4. Charlotte Geraghty

Charlotte started her fundraising adventure in 2011 and after seeing a poster in the hospital when her brother was born.  Charlotte raises funds for the Cots for Tots Appeal in Bristol and her parents help to bring her ideas to life.

Charlotte has had some memorable challenges in her fundraising efforts:

  • Sitting in every seat Bristol Hippodrome’s auditorium in just over an hour
  • Spending 10 hours sitting in 13,000 seats at Ashton Gate Stadium on her 13th birthday
  • Becoming the first person to ride a bike around the Millennium Stadium pitch and completing 18 laps in an hour 

For the past couple of years Charlotte has been doing her T-shirt Challenge – trying to get as many famous people as possible to add their autograph to an Appeal t-shirt. She’s met some amazing people (Michael Crawford, Joanne Lumley and Stephen Merchant have all signed) and raised awareness of the Appeal.  Charlotte is now working on t-shirt number 2 and hopes to auction t-shirt number 1.
Charlotte has raised £12,671.00 for the Appeal and this money has helped to buy new equipment for the Special Care Baby Unit at St. Michael’s Hospital. It's also been used for the Cots for Tots House, which allows families to stay close to their babies.

5. Kathryn Doul

Kathryn is a St John Ambulance volunteer who gives over 1,000 hours of voluntary service each year. Having joined as a Cadet in 1983, Kathryn is passionate about young people and is one of St John’s most senior Youth Officers, becoming a youth leader in 1989.  Her units have always flourished and inspired young people to be good citizens and serve their community. Many of her cadets have gone on to higher education and followed careers in caring professions.

Kathryn is innovative in her approach and prior to the pandemic she arranged for her cadets to assist at the annual flu vaccination clinics held at Stockwood Health Centre.  During the pandemic she assisted with fund-raising by organising a Cadet Cake Bake Off competition with many of the cakes being delivered to NHS staff in local hospitals. Kathryn leads residential training courses, Duke of Edinburgh residential and camps.  When it wasn’t possible to meet face to face, Kathryn organised online equivalents to keep young people active. 

Kathryn has been very active supporting the local St John Covid-19 response and has worked during the week at testing centres, trained volunteers at the weekend training volunteers and assisted local hospitals and the Ambulance Service. 

6. Tim Jones

Tim is the Chair of Community in Partnerships, which runs the Filwood Community Centre. Under his leadership, this much loved yet underused hub has been transformed into a thriving community asset with Tim acting as a volunteer CEO.  

Tim has also helped to create and build the Knowle West Alliance. The Alliance was launched in 2019 and connects residents and organisations to innovatively (and intentionally) do things differently.  This collaborative approach, with a focus on a thriving community, has pulled in additional resources and opportunities e.g the Alliance gives out micro grants to anyone wanting to improve their area – these stories of change are shared and in turn help to inspire others to get involved. 

Tim is the voluntary Chair of the Filwood Broadway Working Group, a residents group launched in 2021.  The working group brings many different voices and perspectives to the table and Tim is helping the group collaborate with Council officers whilst also seeking out and securing budget and professional capacity to see ideas and plans though to fruition. 

7. Feed The Homeless

Feed the Homeless is totally volunteer led and there are people of all ages helping to prepare, cook and serve food packs and meals. They rent the kitchen at the Quakers Meeting House in River Street.
Volunteers are on first name terms with all their street friends (known as friends rather than customers) and know their histories and backgrounds.  Beautifully prepared meals, fruit plus and larder foods are given along with personal essentials.  The age range of volunteers ranges from older people to some as young as 15, who come every week including Christmas and New Year.  Hot meals are served every Friday and Sunday evening throughout the year including Christmas and New year. 

8. Tony Rance

In 1987 Tony put up a Christmas Tree in the foyer of Freemasons Hall, Park Street.  On Christmas Eve, unexpectedly, Tony found two presents and a 10 pound note fixed to one of the branches. He decided to take the presents up to the Women’s’ Refuge in the Wells Road. This established a relationship which still exists today.

Since 1987, the Christmas Tree Appeal collects and distributes around 35,000 presents to Women’s Refuges, works with Caring at Christmas and other Bristol charities including ERIC (The Children’s Bowel and Bladder Charity), NACOA (National Association of Children of Alcoholics), SCARF (skin cancer research, Southmead), The Starlight Foundation, The Jessie May Trust and The South West Children’s Hospice.  Despite its name the appeal does not just operate at Christmas.  It also provides monetary aide to those working in in the refuges, should it be needed to support a family in a dangerous situation. 
Tony has worked tirelessly for 35 years and it is due to him the Christmas Tree Appeal has provided much practical and financial help to Women’s Refuges and other children charities through the City.

9. Dawn Aldred

Dawn has been leading community change in the BS14 area but her actions have affected people across the city and region.

She founded Bristol Rocks UK (originally Whitchurch Rocks) and was inspired by something happening in Yorkshire - painting, hiding and finding pebbles, the aim of which being for adults and children to decorate small stones and hide them in their community for others to find. The activity has encouraged 1000’s to participate and engage in arts and outdoor pursuits.  

Bristol Rocks is still going strong and in 2018 Dawn founded Make Bristol Tidy which transformed into the Whitchurch Wombles. Over 600 residents engaged in community litter picking in the BS14 and beyond.  In 2021, over 1000 bags of rubbish were litter picked by the Whitchurch Wombles.    

Whitchurch Wombles continues to grow and is determined to not only ensure South Bristol is cleaner but is now talking about tackling some of the root problems of litter, graffiti and mess in our communities.
Dawn has done all of this with no funding. Just taking simple ideas, using social media to engage with like-minded people and then organising them to take action.

10. Mike Robbins

Mike set up and runs the Fishing Project, a scheme which helps to deter young people from anti-social behaviour, crime, drugs and alcohol misuse. The scheme was established in 2007 and to date has supported over 250 young people.  It helps all people (in the environment of fishing) to gain new skills, build confidence levels and engage positively with others.

Fishing is an excellent pastime for young people as it teaches them to concentrate, interpret their surroundings and problem solve. It is something people can do throughout their life, in groups or by themselves. It nurtures responsibility and environmental awareness and has been demonstrated to reduce youth offending. The Fishing Project provides opportunities to join in a shared activity which fosters strong community spirit. 

Mike has selflessly contributed considerable time and effort to this very worthwhile cause which has improved the lives of many people from across South Bristol.

11. Norman Shufflebotham

Norman is a bit of a legend in Clifton. Everybody knows him as he works every day to help keep Clifton tidy. Norman does his very best to prevent social isolation by befriending everyone who chats with him. And has worked hard to make the Victoria Square annual party a success. 

12. Ella Lambert

After a planned trip to Colombia was cancelled due to lockdown, Bristol resident and university student Ella Lambert set about finding ways to help the international refugee community. 

Lack of access to period products (period poverty) can result in people frequently having to put life temporarily on hold.  In July 2020, Ella looked for inspiration to make reusable pads.  She borrowed a friend’s sewing machine, taught herself to sew and worked away at the kitchen table to come up with prototypes. After settling on a successful prototype, the first few hundred pads were made.  

Seeing the value it brought to volunteers, Ella formally set up “Pachamama Project”, named after Pachamama, Mother Earth and fertility goddess for the people of the Andes.  The project was registered as a Community Interest Company in August 2020 and Ella set about promoting the project to anyone who would listen. It has since attracted national and international media attention and soon caught the attention of NGOs around the world working with refugees who wanted to work with Ella and supply their communities with “Pacha Pads”.

Ella spent 9 months in the largest refugee camp in Europe (Lesvos) and worked with refugee women from the camp to distribute the pads and set up a Pacha Club for women to make and sell for donations.

There are now over 1,000 volunteers sewing the pads in Bristol, the rest of the UK plus the US, Canada, South Africa, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy and Ireland. More than 30,000 have been around the world along with information on how to use them in their mother tongue, taking 4,000 women and girls out of period poverty for up to five years.
Ella has applied for Pachamama to become a charity, with the money raised going into fabric, materials and shipping.  Ella continues to live off of just her student loan whilst she completes her studies

13. Chris Fox

In 2015, after 27 years of serving residents in South Bristol as a GP, Chris retired and joined our We the Curious as a volunteer. He has now supported us with almost 700 hours of his time in a diverse breadth of voluntary roles.  

Chris was the first volunteer to return to our public venue when we reopened in May 2021 after the COVID-19 lockdown to support our visitor facing teams. He was also one of the first volunteers to support our in-person school STEM workshops for pupils when they returned in September 2021. Chris has supported the delivery of over 100 of these school workshops serving pupils ranging from KS1 to Post 16. Chris’s commitment to bring learning to life inspired him to bring in his own brain scan for our school workshop ‘Brain Lab’ for pupils. 

He has also helped deliver family activities on our outreach programme, including at the Bristol Children’s Hospital. He has supported us with whatever was needed including collecting visitor feedback, helping input this data, office administration, and training & mentoring fellow volunteers. 

In May 2021, we launched Project What If, a ground-breaking exhibition that was developed based on the some of the curious questions that we collected from all postcodes in Bristol. As a long serving GP and committed We The Curious volunteer, we were delighted that Chris kindly agreed to offer his insight and feature alongside the question ‘Will we ever find a way to prevent being ill?’.

14. Amy Walsh

Amy has recently set up a forest school and works some of the most challenging young people in the Lockleaze area, helping them integrate with society and develop into adults.  She has also taken on the role of coordinating a multi-service – schools, police, council & youth group meeting to share and work to deal with youth anti-social behaviour in Lockleaze 

She is founder of the Lockleaze Community Orchard, an area of scrubland planted with fruit trees that is a vital community resource and now a recognised area protected in planning.

15. Bristol Horn Youth Concern

Bristol Horn Youth Concern (BHYC) provide enrichment, developmental activities and opportunities for BME youth and especially within the Somali community.

BHYC is committed to tackle social exclusion and inequalities through sport. They develop next generation of leaders in the digital era; young leaders that are aware of the danger of drug and crime activities, and who have the skills and knowledge to realise their dreams.

Reagan Humphries and Ella Taylor - Hartcliffe Boxing Club.   

Reegan and Ella have worked tirelessly to build their boxing club up from nothing Reegan and Ella took on the challenge and continued to progress their fitness programme throughout lockdown.  There was nothing that could stop them, they helped deliver donated tablets to ensure young people didn’t miss out on their Boxfit Classes when they decide to continue to deliver the sessions online. Young people weren't their only objective during the pandemic, they also provided outdoor activities for older people who wanted to keep themselves motivated and mobile during lockdown, Reegan and Ella set about utilising local carparks to ensure their sessions were socially distanced and covid safe. Their determination towards changing the narrative from despondency amongst young people to building their aspirations so-much-so that young people attending their Boxfit Sessions changed their behaviour and now have hope that life can be different for them and others in our community.  
Reegan and Ella's achievements at such a young age are commendable, achieving all they have already gives opportunity and hope for Hartcliffe to become a better place, where young people can finally have a voice to not only shape their own future but change the negative perception and unwarranted stereotyping for generations to come.

16. Kelly May

Since 2017, Kelly, a Hartcliffe & Withywood Community Champion has worked in conjunction with local services to enrich the lives of socially and economically disadvantaged families, single parents, children, and young people with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) by organising markets, fun days and festivities for the local community to ensure they feel included throughout the year regardless of their circumstance or background.

17. Hayley Ward

As a volunteer, Hayley has initiated and delivered projects through the Hartcliffe and Withywood Community Partnership which is a community-led organisation, representing and working on behalf of the local community. In 2021, Hayley started the friends of Hartcliffe Millennium Green volunteer, a community garden located in the heart of Hartcliffe and a space for the whole community to come together and learn about growing fresh, healthy food, enjoy the amphitheatre & pick fresh fruit from the orchard.

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