Bristol Avon Flood Strategy takes another step forward

Bristol Avon Flood Strategy takes another step forward

Bristol’s major strategy to better protect homes and businesses from flooding has taken another step forward with the allocation of new funding for the project.

03 August 2021

The Wessex Regional Flood and Coastal Committee approved Bristol City Council’s request for £1.75m of Local Levy funding. This additional funding will provide the majority of the funding needed to develop the Outline Business Case for the Bristol Avon Flood Strategy.

The funding will be phased over the next three years, as the council prepares to deliver flood measures that will protect thousands of homes and businesses in and around Bristol.

The priority this year is to work with partners to develop the approach to funding the measures for the first phase of works. Following this, ground investigations, topographical survey, public engagement, and technical assessments will be carried out to refine the proposals.

By phasing the development of the Outline Business Case, the council will be able to integrate outline designs in the flood strategy with the emerging masterplans for the regeneration of brownfield sites in Bristol, including Western Harbour, Temple Quarter and St Philip’s Marsh.

By doing this, the council will be able to ensure these areas of the city are regenerated with flood resilience built in, better protecting them from flooding, bringing new homes, jobs, and leisure opportunities to Bristol, and unlocking over £7 billion in benefits to the local economy.

Cllr Nicola Beech, Cabinet Member with responsibility for flooding, said: “This funding is a huge boost to the development of the Bristol Avon Flood Strategy, and will enable us to develop a funding strategy to deliver these much-needed measures, as well as enabling a comprehensive programme of investigations and assessments to refine the best flood defence approach for Bristol.

“The strategy will bring multiple benefits to Bristol, not only by better protecting homes and businesses from flooding. It will give us the opportunity to provide improved walking and cycling routes along the River Avon, create new public and green spaces, as well as unlocking key areas of the city for regeneration to bring new homes, jobs and opportunities to Bristol.”

Proposals in the Bristol Avon Flood Strategy were consulted on from October-December 2020 and city-wide feedback from the consultation was overwhelmingly positive. 92% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they supported the aim to future-proof the city and neighbouring communities, while 84% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the proposal to do this using adaptive flood defences, meaning defences will be built as high as needed at the time, with the option to raise them over time. 

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