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27 Nov 2020

Welcoming a zoo fit for the future

A statement from the Mayor of Bristol

Statement from Bristol Mayor, Marvin Rees about the recent announcement on the future of Bristol Zoo

“In the face of financial challenge, the Zoo has made the very best decision for not only animal welfare and its staff, but for future generations who will have the opportunity to visit and learn at a world-class zoo offering spacious, modern, accessible facilities.

“We are also grateful the Zoo has pledged to make responsible decisions for the site when it closes in 2022, retaining the beautiful gardens, and ensuring any development builds homes only where existing buildings have previously been, and offers affordable housing.

“I look forward to visiting the new Bristol Zoo when it opens at Wild Place Project site, with my family for many years to come, and thank the zoo for its continued commitment to doing the very best for Bristol, and the animals we all love.”