21 Apr 2017

Public Health

Walk a mile around College Green as part of Bristol Walk Fest 2017

On Thursday 27 April, Bristolians will be challenged to see if they can get more active by walking a mile a day in May.

The digital challenge, which is taking place as part of Bristol Walk Fest 2017, will be launched during a five lap walk around College Green, which is the equivalent of one mile. 

Local schools and members of the public are due to take part on the day which will be launched by The Lord Mayor of Bristol, and will mark the start of the rest of the festival which will run throughout May.

Lots of other organisations and walk providers will also be there on the day with information about how people can get more active.  This includes Bristol City Football club and Bristol’s Libraries who’ll be inviting people to take part in Storytelling and Walking Football as part of the event.

Becky Pollard, Director for Public Health said: “Walking is a great form of exercise and an easy way to stay in shape that can be built into your daily routine.  Many people locally could benefit from making more of their everyday journeys on foot.  Regular exercise not only benefits our physical health but also our mental wellbeing. 

“Government guidelines recommend that we should all be trying to do 150 minutes moderate or 75 minutes vigorous exercise each week.  I hope that local people will feel able to use this challenge as an excuse to start working towards this goal and encourage everyone to sign up and give it a go.”

The challenge will run throughout the festival which has walks nearly every day in May.  You can sign up online through our Bristol Walk Fest website.

You will then be able to download a sheet to record walks and distance travelled by day so that you can keep track of your progress on your way to walking 31 miles in May.

Those who successfully complete it will then be able to download a certificate as a record of their achievement.

The challenge is intended to be a fun, free and honesty-based activity which gives participants a chance to complete the challenge in whatever way suits them best.

It is just one part of next month’s Bristol Walk Fest which this year offers over 140 walks for local people to take part in – the majority of which are completely free.  With some quirky options such as buggy exercise, moving theatre and ping pong on the move,  there’s sure to be something for everyone. 

Bristol Walk Fest 2017 is coordinated by Bristol City Council with support from Bristol Ramblers, Living Streets, Walk for Health Bristol and in association with Bristol University.

2017 is also Bristol’s year as a European City of Sport.  The council is using the year as an opportunity to celebrate the best of what Bristol has to offer and promote sport and the benefits of getting active to local people.  This year’s Walk Fest has been designed to be accessible and to try and encourage more people to get out and get active this year.

Go to the Bristol Walk Fest website for up to date information on all the walks and events going on throughout the festival: www.bristolwalkfest.com or follow the conversation on social media #bristolwalkfest.