Update: Cumberland Road closed after wall collapse: Cumberland Road collapse, Jan 2020

24 Jan 2020

Update: Cumberland Road closed after wall collapse

Investigation continues as area is made safe

Cumberland Road has been closed with immediate effect after parts of the Cumberland Road wall collapsed last night. There are no reports of injuries or damage to property.

The road is likely to remain closed into next week to allow investigations to take place and make the area safe.

Councillor Kye Dudd, Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “Last night a section of the river wall along Cumberland Road gave way, taking part of the Chocolate Path with it into the New Cut. Thankfully the closure of the path meant nobody was hurt and the road was closed first thing this morning.

“Engineers have been assessing the site all day and will continue to be there over the weekend. It is likely the road will remain closed into next week whilst these investigations take place and work is carried out to make sure the site is safe. I want to reassure residents and businesses that there are no immediate issues for them to be concerned about and we will provide a further update once investigations are complete.

“We are a harbour city, with some walls that date back over a century. We’ve had concerns about the stability of the path for some time which is why the decision to close it was taken in 2017. Since then we’ve undertaken in-depth reviews of the path, surrounding infrastructure, tidal and harbour have been assessed. Cabinet has agreed over £9m of funding to reinstate the wall, the path and the heritage railway that runs alongside it.

"Plans were already being drawn up for these repairs and potential contractors were in touch about taking on the job. It’s too early to say what impact these events will have on the planned repairs but we are looking at all options. Our first priority is to make the area is safe and understand what the long term impact is with all the information to hand before any further decisions are made.”