Taking a lead on climate, energy and green recovery: Nicola Beech

19 May 2021

Mayoral & Vision

Taking a lead on climate, energy and green recovery

Latest appointment to Cabinet announced

Bristol’s re-elected Mayor, Marvin Rees, has taken steps to prioritise the city’s response to the climate and ecology emergencies by naming Councillor Nicola Beech (Lab) as the Cabinet lead for climate, ecology, waste and energy.

Councillor Beech, who previously held the position of Cabinet Member for City Design and Spatial Planning, will take on a number of responsibilities including the delivery of the city’s climate and ecology strategies and transforming the city’s relationship with waste and energy – such as the development of the City Leap project.

Marvin Rees, the Mayor of Bristol, said: “This administration was re-elected on a promise that we will continue to get stuff done as we aim to tackle the challenges we face as a city. Many of the foundations needed to tackle the twin challenges of climate and ecological emergencies were laid during the last five years and our focus now is on building sustainable solutions to continue this work. Nicola’s re-appointment to Cabinet provides us with the continuity of mature and assured leadership in an area that poses many emerging risks to our future prosperity.

“As we emerge from the COVID pandemic it’s cities that will lead on recovery and the forging of a sustainable future. It’s in cities that we must focus carbon reduction, the reduction of waste and the delivery of sustainable energy models. National goals on climate and ecology cannot be met without cities taking the lead and we aim to do just that as we work with partners locally, nationally and internationally to achieve our aims. Nicola’s role will be pivotal in setting the city down on a path towards sustainable prosperity and I am grateful to have her join us in Cabinet.”

Councillor Beech, Labour member for St George Central, said: “I came into politics to make a difference and to represent my community’s and the city’s interests. On the campaign trail it became clear that prioritising our response to Bristol’s climate and ecological emergencies is important as is ensuring the solutions we deliver benefit the whole city. Climate, ecology, waste, energy and recovery are all interlinked and ensuring we have the right systems in place to meet our ambitions for each, directly impacts on the future prospects of every household in the city. I am delighted to be invited to take on this role and bring my experience to the table. Whilst there remains much that needs to be done to deliver major programmes such as City Leap, and net zero by 2030, I am relishing the challenge.”

Councillor Beech is the fifth member of the Cabinet to join since Mayor Rees was re-elected on Saturday 8 May. The Cabinet members already announced are:

  • Councillor Craig Cheney – Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Finance, Governance and Performance
  • Councillor Asher Craig – Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Communities, Equalities and Public Health
  • Councillor Helen Godwin - Cabinet Member for Women and Families (Lead Member for Children’s Services)
  • Councillor Helen Holland - Cabinet Member with responsibility for Adult Social Care

Further Cabinet announcements will be made in due course.