Bristol’s new-look drug and alcohol services begin today: ROADS

01 Feb 2018

Public Health

Bristol’s new-look drug and alcohol services begin today

Bristol’s re-commissioned Recovery Orientated Alcohol & Drugs Service (ROADS) will go live today (1 February 2018).

The services are commissioned by Bristol City Council and provide free and confidential advice, support and treatment for adults with problematic alcohol and drug use. ROADS also support families and carers as well as organisations and communities wanting advice or guidance about the effects of drugs and alcohol and the help available.

ROADS is a partnership between BDP (Bristol Drugs Project), DHI (Developing Health & Independence) and (AWP) Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust. Other providers have been subcontracted to deliver some work within communities.

Councillor Asher Craig, Cabinet Member for communities, said: “The value of effective treatment services is well established and during this recommissioning process we have looked closely at how we can build on previous success. The new-look services will continue to reduce the harm caused by substance misuse and improve health. Part of this includes connecting people with their communities, using peer-support and interventions which have been proven to make a real difference.”

The services will continue to make it easier for people to access support and treatment at the times and places which best meet their needs. Residents will benefit from open access to services, a single point of contact for referrals and will be able to receive treatment within communities across the city.

Treatment services will also be more visible within GP Practices and therefore within walking distance for most people. Services will also be delivered from other neutral or ‘label free’ locations within communities.

Pete Anderson, Safer Bristol Manager and lead commissioner, said: “Whether someone is preparing to make changes, building their recovery or wanting to prevent relapse, support is available through ROADS. There will be many bridges built into these treatment services through family services, mental health services and through different communities.”

Three Community Recovery Hubs* in the centre, north and south of the city will be open for people to drop-in and find out about how ROADS can support them, have an assessment and begin to access services.

The Health and Harm Reduction Centre* based in the city centre will support people currently using drugs. Staff from the centre will actively seek out people in need or support and also work in partnership with other organisations to treat people at different locations.

Specialist treatment is also in place to support those with particularly complex needs. Discussions are continuing about the complex provision in ROADS going forwards and current contracts have been extended until the beginning of June.

*To find out more please visit the Bristol City Council website for more details of the range of support offered and opening times for the hubs: