06 Jun 2016

Mayoral & Vision

Note to media: Book of Condolence in the memory of Muhammad Ali

What: Mayor Marvin Rees signing a Book of Condolence to Muhammad Ali

Where: Central Library foyer, Deanery Road, City Centre, Bristol BS1 5TL

When: Today 6 June 1:45pm

Who: Mayor Marvin Rees

A Book of Condolence in memory of Muhammad Ali will be opened at Bristol Central Library at 1:45 today (6 June) by the Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees. 

Speaking on the death of Muhammad Ali, Mayor Marvin Rees said:
"The world has lost a true icon and one of its fiercest warriors. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time. Muhammad Ali fought his entire life as a world champion boxer and passionate advocate for civil rights, inspiring people around the world, myself included, to stand for equality and justice in our time. His legacy is such that our children and our children's children will remember his name for many years to come as the man who stood on the right side of the world revolution and in his words, the greatest."