No major changes needed after Bristol's 20mph limit review: 20mph road sign bedminster CB Bristol design small

28 May 2019

No major changes needed after Bristol's 20mph limit review

Huge public consultation response supported no change to city's 20mph limit

A major review of Bristol’s 20mph speed limit has determined that no significant changes need to be made to the measures introduced throughout the city between 2012 and 2015.

The thorough review – part of a Mayoral mandate to consider whether there should be an increase in speed limits from 20mph to 30 mph, or a decrease from 30mph to 20 mph - identified minor adjustments needed on a small number of roads to support compliance with the limit, which was introduced to improve active travel, street safety and health and well being for citizens.

One of the largest responses to a public consultation in Bristol saw almost 3,500 replies between June and August of last year. When commenting on individual roads, the majority of feedback was for no change and the consultation highlighted significant public and stakeholder support for retaining the limit in residential areas and near schools, with 95% agreeing with 20mph limits by schools, 74% on residential roads and 44% on main roads.

Stakeholders including the police, Bristol Cycling Campaign, First Group, Road Peace and schools also overwhelmingly backed the retention of the 20mph limit.

Cabinet member for Transport, Cllr Kye Dudd, said: “The 20mph review was an essential part of the One City Plan 2040 target of zero people killed or seriously injured due to avoidable incidents on Bristol’s roads.

“The overall outcomes of the project were to ensure reduced speed limits continue to help improve active travel and subsequently health and wellbeing for citizens and make streets safer for all road users as part of our wider approach to transport policy in Bristol.

“The consultation carried out last summer, with councillors playing an active role, received one of the highest levels of response from the public, with officers taking substantial time and care taken to process and analyse the information and data to come out of it.’’

A report into the 20mph review and summary of the consultation report are available now at

For details of the UWE BRITE report see