New planning guidance proposed to help shape Bristol’s skyline: Wapping Wharf - CB Bristol Design 2017

01 Mar 2018

Housing and Planning

New planning guidance proposed to help shape Bristol’s skyline

Communities in Bristol are invited to comment on new planning guidance to help increase the density and height of future developments in the city.

Bristol City Council has launched a consultation on the new Urban Living Supplementary Planning Document alongside a review of the Local Plan, which outlines the council’s policies for deciding planning applications.

The Urban Living proposals are designed to support a significant increase in new and affordable homes in Bristol by encouraging the best use of land through more concentrated building and welcoming high quality taller buildings in the right places.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, said:

“We have the opportunity to be much more ambitious in order to meet our growth requirements, while at the same time protecting the unique character of Bristol. This document is intended to encourage well-designed, connected and accessible neighbourhoods with a focus on regenerating brownfield land across the city. We need to take bold and innovative steps to make Bristol a joined up city, linking up people with jobs and with each other.

“I am confident this positive guidance can help meet the competing demands which developments need to fulfil in a busy urban environment like Bristol and ensure we have the right balance alongside our historic environment. Most areas of Bristol do have the potential to accommodate more growth and regeneration, which would see an increase in housing densities.

“This is about creating good places to live for everyone and, importantly, establishing new neighbourhoods which everyone has a stake in, where no one gets left behind.”

The guidance also identifies a set of quality standards designed to deliver high density quality homes and good places to live for all ages.

Cllr Nicola Beech, Cabinet Member for Spatial Planning and City Design at Bristol City Council, said:

“I’d encourage everyone in Bristol to take time to review what we are proposing and give us their feedback. The future development of our city is incredibly important if we want to continue to attract people and investment.

“Recent developments at Wapping Wharf and Paintworks are good examples of what we would like to see more of. There is already significant development interest in parts of the city centre’s eastern fringes including Temple Quarter, Bristol’s Shopping Quarter, Old Market and North Redcliffe, all of which are supported by established planning and design guidance, setting out a clear vision for these areas. We are keen to extend this interest eastwards, promoting renewal to some of Bristol’s poorest communities.”

You can view the Urban Living Supplementary Planning Guidance Consultation at Alternatively reference copies are available to view at libraries. Comments should be submitted by 13 April 2018.

The Bristol Local Plan Review consultation can also be viewed on the council's website at Copies are also available at libraries and the deadline for comments is 13 April 2018.


Notes to editors:

The guidance has been prepared at the request of the city’s mayor, who said back in his inaugural State of the City address in October 2016:

"I want Bristol’s skyline to grow. Years of low level buildings and a reluctance to build up in an already congested city….. is something I am keen to change."

Images: Images of higher density developments at Wapping Wharf and the Paintworks in Bristol.