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31 Oct 2018

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New firework safety guides available

Two new firework safety guides are now available for organisers and operators.

The Explosives Industry Group (EIG) has taken over the production and publication of the guides now known as the Blue Firework Guide and The Red Firework Guide, respectively.

Deputy Mayor Asher Craig said: “Having the proper training and knowledge of using fireworks is very important, especially at large events. I urge organisers and operators of fireworks to review the new guides available to ensure that as we move into the season where these become more popular the safety of the public is always the top priority.”

The new guides are available from the EIG website and cover topics such as:

  • Details of new firework types
  • Changes in the law
  • Advice on smoke issues
  • Advice on Risk Assessment and “Safety” distances
  • Advice on new European Standards and ISO Standards
  • Advice on “myths” that circulate within the industry

The Blue Firework Guide is for competent display operators and organisers. This will be useful in the run up to events such as Bonfire Night as it includes significant changes in the law relating to the supply, possession, transport, keeping and use of fireworks. This may have an effect on the way you organise and the operator fires your display.

The Red Firework Guide is suited for displays where the fireworks are to be fired by people without specialist knowledge or training. This covers displays set up by sports clubs, school associations, parish councils and public houses with 100 spectators upwards. It also includes similar changes in the law which may have an effect on the way you organise your display.

The EIG also publishes a number of other free guides which describe accepted practices within the explosives industry. These can be downloaded from