04 Jan 2016

Mayoral & Vision

Mayoral Commissions result in joint action to improve lives in Bristol

Bristol has made significant progress bringing together agencies from across the city to tackle vital issues including education, homes, fairness and sport during the last two years.

This is the finding of a report on Bristol’s four independent Mayoral Commissions which will be considered by Cabinet this month (12 January). 
The four Commissions, tasked with making recommendations on Education & Skills, Fairness, Homes and Sports, were established by Bristol’s Mayor George Ferguson in 2013 following his election in November 2012. 
Each was led by a highly respected independent chair and the commissions comprised local and national leaders in their fields. Their work concluded during 2014 with the submission of a final report and key recommendations for the city. 
The Cabinet report highlights the new initiatives that are now being taken forward by both the Council and its city partners as a result of the Commissions’ work. 
The full report can be viewed here but notable actions include:
•  Education & Skills - groundwork laid for single-site employment Engagement Hub in the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone to develop employability and enterprise skills to help connect people to jobs.
•  Fairness – the Council has adopted the Living Wage in terms of a supplement for its lowest paid staff, as well as actively working with partners and commissioned providers to explore the living wage.
•  Homes - recommendations to achieve ‘More Homes Faster Homes’ have been incorporated into the Bristol Housing Strategy, overseen by the Homes4Bristol Partnership Board.
•   Sport – a Sports Partnership has been established which is currently formulating a funding and investment strategy to secure more finance and resources for sports development and participation in the city. 

Bristol’s Mayor George Ferguson said: “These are each hugely important areas where I felt we could do so much more as a city to collaborate with others to achieve our true potential. Significant progress has already been made, but the real legacy of these Commissions will be the continuing work of a wide range of partnership boards and organisations in the city. I have also made some allowance in the capital spending programme for funding during 2016/17 which, if approved, could help boost some of these recommendations.
“I am thankful for the huge contribution made by all the highly experienced Commission members, whose wide ranging work will have a significant impact on the people of Bristol. I am also grateful for the input of the Council’s Overview & Scrutiny function which advised Cabinet on the recommendations.

“Finally, while it falls outside the scope of this particular report, I would also like to acknowledge the valuable work of the Women’s Commission, led by chair Penny Gane of Bristol Women’s Voice. Operating as a separate, standing body, this commission works to protect the equality of women and men in the city.”

For more information on the Mayoral Commissions visit https://www.bristol.gov.uk/mayor/mayoral-commissions