14 Dec 2016

Mayoral & Vision

Mayor’s charitable fund will help tackle homelessness in Bristol

Winter is a time of year when homeless people need that extra bit of help and people are being asked to make a big difference by making a small donation to the Mayor’s Fund for Bristol.

Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees is dedicating his charitable fund to supporting organisations and charities working to provide long term solutions to homelessness in Bristol. The grants will make a significant difference to people currently rough sleeping or at risk of losing their home.

The Mayor's Fund is a fund managed by Quartet Community Foundation and money received is given as grants to charities and social enterprises in Bristol.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol said: “It is unacceptable that some of our city’s most vulnerable citizens don’t have anywhere to call home. We need to work together across the city to create a society that works for everyone.

“We are working with partners through the City Office to provide more temporary bed spaces, helping make sure no-one has to sleep rough during the coldest months this winter. This is a short term boost but we also need a long term focus and people can make a big difference by donating to the Mayor’s Fund.

“This will support vital organisations which are working hard to help solve this complex problem and improve people’s lives. Your donations will help the city get to the root causes of homelessness and make a difference where it most counts.”

The aims of the Mayor’s Fund tie in with the priorities of the newly established City Office, which has committed to finding both short and long term solutions to the homeless problems in the city.

As part of the commitment, the City Office has pledged to help organisations bring forward 100 extra bed spaces for people currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

The 100 beds will be made up of a mix of different accommodation types to suit differing needs, including shelter beds, temporary accommodation and permanent homes.

Golden Key, a partnership programme which aims to help some of Bristol’s most vulnerable people, is working closely with the City Office both to find short-term solutions to help homeless people this winter, and to take the long view about how changes can be made to the system to end street homelessness once and for all.

Aileen Edwards, Chief Executive of Second Step, the lead organisation of the partnership, said: “The chosen focus for the Mayor’s Fund for Bristol aligns perfectly with our Golden Key objective to end homelessness for people with complex needs and we are delighted to support the launch of the fund.”

This project will build on the work of the Rough Sleeping Partnership, which has already opened up 40 extra shelter bed spaces, as well as some guardianship properties.

The Mayor’s Fund for Bristol was set up in 2013 and in the first year the grants were used to support work with disadvantaged children and young people in Bristol. Previous funds have also been used to support organisations that help people with mental and physical disabilities.

Charities and organisations that have previously benefitted from money from the Mayor's Fund include One25, Chas Bristol and the Bristol City Community Trust.

Find out more about how to make a donation or apply for a grant visit www.quartetcf.org.uk/mayorsfund