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20 Nov 2020

Nominate your Bristol pandemic heroes

Nominations open for 2020 Lord Mayor’s Medals

Nominations are open for people to secure recognition for the outstanding community work of Bristol’s unsung local heroes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Each year, the Lord Mayor’s Medals are awarded to highlight the fantastic array of local, unpaid community work and achievement that has helped to improve the lives of Bristol’s citizens, with 14 medals presented to a range of people in 2019.

For 2020, between 12-15 medals will be presented exclusively to those that have delivered exceptional support and work across the city in relation to the coronavirus pandemic – and for the first time businesses and charities can be nominated as well as individuals.

Do you know of an individual, cause or business in your area that has been completing stellar work to help Bristol cope with the effects of Covid-19? Achievements can be in one or several areas, as long as they’ve added significant value to the community.

Nominations are now open, with citizens invited to sing the praises of their local heroes by forwarding them for consideration for an award.

With all nominees received, a panel including Bristol’s Lord Mayor, Jos Clark, will discuss and decide the recipients of the 2020 medals ahead of an award ceremony, likely to be held in 2021.

Lord Mayor of Bristol, Jos Clark, said: “With the year 2020 having been dominated by the battle against the spread of the Covid-19 virus, it is only right that this year’s Lord Mayor’s Medals recognise the fantastic and inspiring work being carried out by so many people across our city.

“During this second national lockdown, our city is once again relying on the kindness of local citizens and the strength of community spirit to ensure we keep going and the response from so many citizens, charities and businesses in the face of these challenges and tragedies has continued to inspire throughout the past few months.

“We hope that our citizens take the time to carefully consider and nominate those who have made a real difference in their communities for one of our medals so that they may be recognised for their enormous contribution this year.’’

Naseem Talukdar, one of last year’s recipients of a Lord Mayor’s Medal, said: “It was an absolute privilege and honour to be recognised by the Lord Mayor of Bristol.

“I received the medal for the contribution my team has made to the homeless community by feeding rough sleepers over the last five years, as well as raising the awareness of single use plastic within the catering sector. The recognition gave me a new wave of energy and strength, and also allowed the volunteers to feel a sense of recognition and achievement.”

Anyone can make a nomination as long as they are not a relative or life partner of the nominee. Nominees must be able to supply supportive statements from two citizens of Bristol, in addition to a supportive statement from a Bristol City councillor or the Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees.

Please note that all nominees must have been unpaid for the work they’ve done.

Nominations are welcomed from all areas of Bristol, including young adults who have previously been under-represented in nominations.

To find out more or nominate someone, to go: