Lockleaze shops get a Bristol street art look: DSC 0102 Buzz shop shutter photo credit Peter Hall

07 Dec 2018

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Lockleaze shops get a Bristol street art look

The council has been working with local street artists to give shop fronts around Gainsborough Square a fresh coat of paint.

In a move to help bring some colour to the area, local artists have been working over the last two months with shops and the local community to create new designs which can be painted on to shop shutters around the square.

This weekend the team will start work on Jhoots Pharmacy having worked on the North Bristol Advice Centre during the week.

The Buzz Lockleaze café and shop was the first to have their design painted on their shutters in the square.

The design focuses on a skylark and lapwing, both birds which used to be common in the area, and local wild edible plants such as blackberries and wild garlic to represent the café’s dedication to local, healthy food. 

Roisin Tobin, Business Development Manager at the Buzz Lockleaze, said: “We are delighted to be a part of this project. The art on our shutter, and the engagement work surrounding it, has brought a real buzz to Buzz; bringing local enterprise together with an inspiring theme, and colourfully supporting wellbeing and vitality in our community all year round.”

The designs came from local street art creative organisation Graft which is driven by husband and wife duo, Rob and Sophie Wheeler.

They said: “We are thrilled to be working with the Lockleaze community on this fantastic commission, as it brings together everything we love doing in our work: engaging with local people, sharing our street art skills through workshops, researching the history and geography of an area, designing murals which depict local flora and fauna, and bringing all this together in paintings which the community can enjoy and take pride in.”

This has been funded by the through a grant from the council using money from central government’s Estate Regeneration Fund and other developers in the nearby area.  It forms part of the work to regenerate the area to allow for more quality housing to be built.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, said: “We want to build inclusive communities around the city.  Art and culture have the ability to bring people closer together and I hope that these designs will help connect people of all ages in Lockleaze.

“By engaging communities in the creative process I hope that local people feel they can own these pieces of art.  I look forward to seeing what ideas will come out of this project next.”