08 May 2016

Democracy and Engagement

Local election results for Bristol

The people of Bristol have chosen 70 local councillors to represent them in one of the biggest elections in the city's history.

The results mean that Labour make up the majority of Bristol City Council with 37 councillors in the city, following declarations today (Sunday 8 May) by Returning Officer, Nicola Yates OBE.

The announcement follows the Bristol Mayoral election yesterday (Saturday 7 May) which saw Marvin Rees (Labour) declared the Mayor Elect. He will be sworn in alongside the newly elected councillors tomorrow (Monday 8 May).

Turnout for the local councillor election on Thursday 5 May was nearly 45% (44.76%) and marked the first vote since ward boundary changes came into effect.

The number of council seats by party are:

Conservative - 14
Green - 11
Labour - 37
Liberal Democrat - 8
Total - 70 councillors

Elected councillors listed by ward are as follows:

Ashley - Cllr Carole Johnson (Labour), Cllr Mike Davies (Labour), Cllr Jude Brew-English (Green)
Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston - Cllr Donald Alexander (Labour), Cllr Jo Sergeant (Labour), Cllr Matt Melias (Conservative)
Bedminster - Cllr Mark Bradshaw (Labour), Cllr Celia Phipps (Labour)
Bishopston and Ashley Down - Cllr Eleanor Combley (Green), Cllr Tom Brook (Labour)
Bishopsworth - Cllr Kevin Quartley (Conservative), Cllr Richard Eddy (Conservative) 
Brislington East - Cllr Mike Langley (Labour & Co-operative), Cllr Tony Carey (Conservative)
Brislington West - Cllr Jos Clark (Liberal Democrats), Cllr Harriet Bradley (Labour)
Central - Cllr Kye Dudd (Labour), Cllr Paul Smith (Labour)
Clifton - Cllr Paula O'Rourke (Green), Cllr Jerome Thomas (Green)
Clifton Down - Cllr Carla Denyer (Green), Cllr Clive Stevens (Green)
Cotham - Cllr Anthony Negus (Liberal Democrat Focus Team), Cllr Cleo Lake (Green)
Easton - Cllr Afzal Shah (Labour), Cllr Ruth Pickersgill (Labour)
Eastville - Cllr Mahmadur Khan (Labour), Cllr Mhairi Threlfall (Labour)
Filwood - Cllr Christopher Jackson (Labour), Cllr Jeff Lovell (Labour)
Frome Vale - Cllr Lesley Alexander (Conservative), Cllr Nicola Bowden-Jones (Labour)
Hartcliffe and Withywood - Cllr Helen Holland (Labour), Cllr Mark Brain (Labour), Cllr Paul Goggin (Labour)
Henbury and Bentry - Cllr Chris Windows (Conservative), Cllr Mark Weston (Conservative)
Hengrove and Whitchurch Park - Cllr Barry Clark (Labour), Cllr Harriet Clough (Liberal Democrat), Cllr Tim Kent (Liberal Democrat)
Hillfields - Cllr Anna Keen (Labour), Cllr Craig Cheney (Labour)
Horfield - Cllr Claire Hiscott (Conservative), Cllr Olly Mead (Labour)
Hotwells and Harbourside - Cllr Mark Wright (Liberal Democrat)
Knowle - Cllr Chris Davies (Liberal Democrat Focus Team), Cllr Gary Hopkins (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)
Lawrence Hill - Cllr Hibaq Jama (Labour), Cllr Margaret Hickman (Labour) 
Lockleaze - Cllr Estella Tincknell (Labour), Cllr Gill Kirk (Labour)
Redland - Cllr Fi Hance (Green), Cllr Martin Fodor (Green)
Southmead - Cllr Brenda Massey (Labour), Cllr Helen Godwin Teige (Labour)
Southville - Cllr Charles Bolton (Green), Cllr Stephen Clarke (Green)
St George Centre - Cllr Nicola Beech (Labour), Cllr Steve Pearce (Labour)
St George Troopers Hill - Cllr Fabian Breckels (Labour & Co-operative)
St George West - Cllr Asher Craig (Labour)
Stockwood - Cllr Graham Morris (Conservative), Cllr Steve Jones (Conservative)
Stoke Bishop - Cllr John Goulandris (Conservative) Cllr Peter Abraham (Conservative)
Westbury-on-Trym and Henleaze - Cllr Clare Campion-Smith (Liberal Democrat), Cllr Geoff Gollop (Conservative), Cllr Liz Radford (Conservative)
Windmill Hill - Cllr Jon Wellington (Labour), Cllr Lucy Whittle (Labour)

Under new arrangements for the council the elected councillors will serve for four years, with the council's next Mayoral and local elections due in 2020.

Notes to editor

The full results, including the number of votes and turnout for each council ward, can be found on Bristol City Council's website: https://www.bristol.gov.uk/voting-elections/election-results.

The Police and Crime Commissioner election results can be found on the Avon and Somerset PCC election website: http://www.avonpccelection2016.org.uk/count-results#final

Ward boundary changes

In May 2015 the independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England recommended new boundaries were drawn for each council ward across Bristol. It said Bristol should be represented by 70 city councillors but that those councillors should represent five three-member wards, 26 two-member wards and three single-member wards across the city.