09 Jan 2018


John Readman to leave Bristol City Council

As part of its ongoing management restructure, Bristol City Council has announced the departure of John Readman, Strategic Director – People.

John leaves the council after four years as the director overseeing the People Directorate including Adult and Children Social Services and Education.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, said: “I’m grateful for the contribution John has made over the past four years to building a better place for people to live and develop. During that time he has been instrumental in bringing about major improvements to the city’s education and social services sectors whilst playing a significant role in joining up city leadership to deliver essential services for vulnerable children and adults.

“Amongst John’s many accomplishments are the leading role he played in Bristol becoming a UNESCO Learning City, putting a focus on education in all its forms and overseeing work to improve access to education across all age ranges and in all communities. John has also shown great commitment and dedication to those who access the Council’s people focussed services, being a constant advocate for greater partnership working to support those most in need. He has led and championed early intervention across the city and strengthened our corporate parenting responsibilities including introducing Bristol’s first ever awards for children in care.”

John said: “I wish to thank all who have worked with me and contributed to the great work we’ve undertaken over the past four years to develop and improve essential services for people across the city in the face of significant national financial pressures. The hard work, ambition and commitment of those working in Bristol’s education, health and social care sectors has been a constant source of personal inspiration and I am confident that this commitment will continue to improve outcomes for the people of Bristol.”

The council announced in October 2017 that it would undergo a restructure of its senior management to respond to the need for a change in the authority’s role in the city and to provide a saving on management costs of around £750,000 a year.

Following consultation with affected staff during December 2017 a final management structure has been agreed and the process of filling those roles is now underway.

As the council moves into the next phase of its planned senior management restructure a transitional leadership team is being put in place while the council recruits to vacancies in the new permanent structure.