06 Apr 2016


Harbour bridge to close for maintenance work

A pedestrian and cycle bridge in the Harbourside is to close from Monday (11 April) for essential maintenance work.

Bristol City Council has taken ownership of Poole’s Wharf Bridge, which will be closed for approximately 14 weeks for a £307,000 improvement project.

The refurbishment work to the iconic turquoise swing bridge will include repainting using the same colour, widening by installing a new handrail and parapet, installing a new motor and gearbox, adding a non-slip deck, along with low level lighting.
A temporary bridge for pedestrians is due to open from 29 April to operate alongside an alternative flat route, which is signposted.

Peter Mann, Service Director for Transport, said: “Bristol City Council has taken ownership of Poole’s Wharf Bridge to ensure it continues to be available to the public and to maintain a key commuter route within the Harbourside for both pedestrians and cyclists. We are committed to making the city centre better and more accessible environment to encourage people to take up active transport.

“We will be working to minimise any disruption to residents and commuters during the improvements.” 

The bridge will reopen in time for the Harbour Festival which will take place on 15-17 July.