12 Feb 2019

Funding for communities available across the city

Bristol City Council is inviting people to nominate projects that could improve their local neighbourhoods.

Every year money is made available to communities through Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and Section 106 (S106) funding and the council is now looking for suggestions about how this should be spent.

Do you have ideas on how to improve your local area? Is there a local building that needs developing or improvements needed to your local park?

The council hope people will come forward with ideas, so that local communities can work with ward councillors to help identify key priorities in their neighbourhoods.

 Councillors make decisions about these local funds once a year in the city’s six area committees. The decisions will be made in three stages, which will include identifying initial ideas, developing full proposals for shortlisted ideas and final funding decisions.People now have until March 15 to put forward proposals for potential projects for their area committee to consider

Councillor Asher Craig, Deputy Mayor with responsibility for communities, said: “I would encourage anyone with any ideas or suggestions to come forward and work with your local councillor.

“The funding can make physical improvements to a local park or community building which can make a huge difference to a local community. We want to know what the priorities are in each area – and who better to tell us than the people who live there?”

Last year the council invested over £1,800,000 in new or existing projects. The Stapleton Road Station project was granted £200,000 to address a number of challenges around safety. The residents wanted the area to feel safer and cleaner and put forward proposals to create a welcoming gateway to the district promoting wellbeing and fostering good relationship. In addition, the Brislington Green Trail was granted £28,000 which enabled residents groups to collaborate on developing a trail with notice boards, planters and a community garden.

Once proposals have been councillors have until April 23 to consult with their communities to agree the shortlist of ideas that will be developed into full proposals.

Further information and a proposal form can be downloaded from https://www.bristol.gov.uk/people-communities/funding-local-projects  these should then be sent directly to your councillor or area committee for consideration.