16 May 2017

Children and Young People

Find out about fostering during Foster Care Fortnight

Bristol City Council is holding a fostering information event to mark Foster Care Fortnight and give people the chance to learn more about doing something extraordinary to support children in care.
The event will provide people the chance to learn about being carers and speak to the Council’s fostering team about what it’s like to foster and the children and young people currently in care in Bristol.
There are over 700 children and young people in care in Bristol, the vast majority living with foster families. Despite the numbers of children in care remaining steady the need for people to step forward to become carers is ongoing.
Foster Care Fortnight (8-21 May) is a national awareness campaign by the Fostering Network. It aims to raise awareness of what foster care is and how becoming a foster carer can make such a huge difference for some of society’s most vulnerable children and young people.
Clare and Rob, Bristol City Council foster carers, said: “Becoming foster carers was one of the most rewarding decisions we’ve ever made. Often the children and young people who have come to live with us have been anxious and nervous about their surroundings. Supporting them and seeing them settle is a positive experience you can’t replicate. Knowing your care has helped that person find some stability during a chaotic period in their lives is makes all the hard work worthwhile.”
Mark, another Bristol City Council foster carer, added: “My partner and I had always wanted to foster but never felt I had the time because of work commitments. When we finally made the decision to press ahead we were surprised by how quick the process is and how much support we got along the way. Within a week we were discussing our interest with a social worker and soon after that we were into the assessment process and getting access to training to help us develop the skills needed to support a young person. Not long after our assessment period ended and we had been accepted as foster carers we were welcoming two siblings into our home and we’ve never looked back.”
Jacqui Jensen, People, Service Director Care and Support, Children and Families at Bristol City Council, said: “We’re very fortunate to have a great crop of foster carers in Bristol who are dedicated and provide invaluable support for some of the city’s most vulnerable children and young people. We make every effort to provide foster carers with everything they need to provide the best care possible; this includes training, regular contact with social care staff and the energetic and dynamic support provided by the Association of Foster Carers. I urge everyone who is thinking of becoming a foster carer or anyone who has a slight interest to come along to one of these sessions to find out more about one of the most rewarding roles in Bristol.”
The drop in event being held will see council fostering staff on hand to answer questions and provide information on a range of topics related to becoming a Bristol City Council foster carer.
Event details are:
  • Wednesday 17 May – 10am to 6:30pm – City Hall, College Green, BS1 5TR
For further information about foster care in Bristol visit www.facebook.com/BristolFostering or visit https://www.thefosteringnetwork.org.uk/get-involved/foster-care-fortnight to learn about what is going on in Foster Care Fortnight.