Emergency preparations to respect lives lost to coronavirus: Untitled-3

06 Apr 2020

Public Health

Emergency preparations to respect lives lost to coronavirus

Preparations are underway to protect the dignity of Bristol people who could lose their lives to coronavirus in the coming weeks.

In the event Bristol needs to cope with a greater number of deaths than usual, Bristol City Council is establishing a temporary mortuary at its Sandy Park depot, in line with emergency response plans.

Work on the temporary site, in the top car park off Sandy Park Road in Brislington, will begin on Tuesday (7 April). Construction is due to be completed by the end of this week.

Once construction is completed, the mortuary will be fully secure and private in respect for the deceased and for the safety of people working there.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, said:

“We’re faced with a heart-breaking but necessary task, to ensure our city is fully prepared in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that we are likely to see a significant number of people lose their lives to coronavirus and we must be ready to ensure we deal with that in the most dignified and sensitive way possible so we can respect the deceased and their families.

“We are following national guidance, and building a temporary mortuary will be similar to a number of others planned around the country, as we all come to terms with the tragic implications of this crisis.

“Thank you to everyone in Bristol – for your sensitivity and understanding while we make these difficult decisions and as we pull together to support the city’s response to the pandemic.”

Restrictions will be in place to protect staff based at Sandy Park who will be offered continued emotional support. Apart from temporary construction work scheduled to last three days, this will not affect residents living nearby, and the mortuary will be discreetly concealed.