Local pubs and bars sign up to support Dry January 2018: Dry Jan 17

19 Dec 2017

Public Health

Local pubs and bars sign up to support Dry January 2018

Pubs, bars, cafés and restaurants in Bristol have been pledging support for Dry January next month by offering appealing alcohol-free alternatives.

Throughout January, the council will be working to prove that Dry January doesn’t have to mean a drop in profits for local businesses that are licensed to sell alcohol by encouraging venues to promote exciting alternatives alongside the usual alcoholic options to draw in a new health conscious market.

In return, those who sign up to the campaign will be given special merchandise to help spread the message. They will also be included on the council’s Dry January 2018 webpage, as part of an online map of participating businesses and will be included in all social media and promotional activities.

Nearly 30 venues have already signed up across the city (map available online).

Cllr Asher Craig, Deputy Mayor for Neighbourhoods including Public Health, said: “Of course it’s up to everyone to decide for themselves how they choose to enjoy our great night time economy, but by offering more alternatives I hope the city can help encourage people to make a healthy switch and feel better as a result. Evidence shows that people who’ve taken part in Dry January have saved money, had better energy and sleep and lost weight.

“We’re hoping to offer businesses a chance to get ahead of the trend this January and get on board with the campaign. I’d encourage everyone thinking of taking part next year to give it a go. If you’re business why not let us help you take advantage of this new health conscious market? Get in touch and find out how we can help.”

Every year support for the Dry January campaign has been growing. A recent YouGov poll showed that almost five million people across the country took part in Dry January in 2017.

To sign up to the scheme, businesses can do so simply and quickly via our website (www.bristol.gov.uk/food-business/dry-january-2018-licenced-venues) or text your name to 07876 814 570 to get a call from the team.