Community clean up tackles fly-tipping hot spot: Clean Streets - community clean up on Stapleton Road-2

24 Jan 2017

Waste and Recycling

Community clean up tackles fly-tipping hot spot

The community in Easton came together this week to clean-up one of Bristol’s fly-tipping hot spots.

Organised by Muslims for Bristol, 15 people took to the streets to collect litter and clean up Stapleton Road.

The clean-up, which was supported by Bristol Waste Company, is part of the Bristol Clean Streets Campaign which was launched by the Mayor back in November.

The organisers now hope that this will become a regular event, with volunteers giving up a few hours every month.

Mohammed El Sharif, who helped organise the clean-up, said: “The community and local businesses are very keen to keep Stapleton Road clean and change the image and perception of the area.

“We had people from all communities take part and the street looked completely different afterwards.

“We want this to be a monthly event, it will just be a couple of hours a month, and people are willing to give up their time.

“We are supporting the Mayor’s Clean Streets Campaign. It is our pledge, as residents of Bristol, that we need to keep the city clean.”

Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees has made a pledge that Bristol will be measurably cleaner by 2020.

He said: “The Clean Streets Campaign is part of my seven key commitments to Bristol, putting more resource towards a cleaner, safer city. I am pleased that community groups and businesses are working together to improve Stapleton Road.

“Through the campaign I’m bringing many partners together and asking people to join us in cleaning up our home. If we all work together, we can really reduce the amount of dirty streets, litter, fly-tipping and all that’s defacing our local communities.

“Let’s be proud of where we live and work together to achieve the goal of clean streets by 2020.”