Clean Streets Campaign Great Bristol Spring Clean 3-5 March 2017: Children from Easton Church of England Academy take part in the Great Bristol Spring Clean

27 Feb 2017

Waste and Recycling

Clean Streets Campaign Great Bristol Spring Clean 3-5 March 2017

Children from Easton Church of England Academy joined Mayor Marvin Rees to tidy up their playground as part of the Great Bristol Spring Clean.

With Bristol’s Clean Streets campaign underway, the Mayor is asking everyone to consider joining in and doing their bit to help spruce up the city over the weekend.

Mayor Marvin Rees launched a Clean Streets campaign in November and pledged that Bristol will be measurably cleaner by 2020.

He said: “Cleaning up Bristol’s streets is something everyone in the city wants to see happen and I believe we can do this. If we work together to pick-up and prevent littering we can be as clean as cities such as Zurich, Tokyo and Singapore.

The Great Bristol Spring Clean is a great chance to get involved, change the city around us and start making dirty streets, litter, fly-tipping and all that’s defacing our home things of the past.

“It is vitally important to teach children about the environment and get them into good habits at a young age, so I am really pleased to be helping out at Easton Church of England Academy’s spring clean.”

The Great Bristol Spring Clean on 3-5 March 2017, part of the Great British Spring Clean, is a great opportunity to make a real difference to litter levels around the city.

Schools, community groups and other organisations will all be doing their bit to make their part of the city cleaner and tidier, but there’s still time for anyone who’d like to take part to register.

People are being asked to spend just an hour or two picking up litter, which can then be left in a designated place for Bristol Waste to collect it.

Cllr Asher Craig, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods said: “I’d urge everyone to get behind the Great Bristol Spring Clean and show us the difference that you can make.

"Whether you just pick up and bin a single piece of litter yourself or a group of you clear a green space or more, why not take some pictures, share it with us on social media and show everyone how why keeping the city clean is important to you.”

The council and Bristol Waste Company are aiming for clean-ups to happen in every part of the city during the spring clean weekend. People can use the hashtag #bristolspringclean to share their activities.