13 Apr 2021

City warned over ‘Zamzam Water’

Trading Standards issues counterfeit bottles alert

Bristol citizens have been warned not to buy bottles labelled ‘Zamzam Water’ that have been found on the UK market as the holy month of Ramadan begins this week.

The city’s Trading Standards team have raised concerns over sales of the bottles following their appearance in this country and are urging anyone who sees such items on sale in Bristol to report them as soon as possible.

Zamzam Water comes from a sacred well in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and under the law of that country cannot be exported for any commercial purpose.

Bristol City Council Trading Standards team leader Sarah Saunders said: “If this water is on sale in the UK it must have been illegally exported or not be Zamzam Water at all. It is particularly concerning that it seems to be in circulation during Ramadan, when our Muslim citizens are especially devout, and may be vulnerable to such religious fraud.

“In cases of counterfeiting, the perpetrator has little interest in the person buying the water. We do not know anything about the origin of the contents which could potentially pose a safety risk.

“We would urge anyone who sees ‘Zamzam Water’ on sale in Bristol to report it to Bristol City Council Trading Standards on 0808 223 1133 or trading.standards@bristol.gov.uk as soon as they can.’’

Ramadan began on the evening of Monday, 12 April and ends on the evening of Wednesday 12 May with Muslims around the world observing a period of deep spiritual reflection and fasting that takes place every year.