16 Jul 2021

Bristol to recruit Disability Equality Commission Chair

Bristol is recruiting a Chair for the new Disability Equality Commission, which is being established in recognition of the inequalities faced by Disabled people in the city.

Once appointed, the Chair will lead the establishment, development, and delivery of the new mayoral commission.

The Commission aims to make a difference to the lives of Disabled people in Bristol through its work to embed disability equality in policy and practice across the city.

Deputy Mayor Asher Craig, Chair of the Disability Equality Commission Steering Group said: “We want to build a more inclusive city to improve the lives and opportunities of all Disabled people. The commission is being set up because we recognise the negative impact that COVID-19 has had on Disabled people who already experience inequalities in transport, employment, housing, and social care support.”

The commission will hold focus groups with Disabled people in Bristol. The information gathered will feed into the development of a strategic plan to tackle disability inequality in Bristol, influence future decisions and recommendations to the Mayor and One City boards.

Kelvin Blake, Chair of the West of England Centre for Inclusive Living (WECIL) and member of the Disability Equality Commission Steering Group said: “It is really important that we talk to diverse and under-represented Disabled people about their experiences, to understand the issues that affect their lives and what they feel the priorities are for them.

“We want the whole city to be involved so we can start a more inclusive conversation about disability. There will be discussions about current government policies, choice, how to empower communities and build effective partnerships with stakeholders and service providers across the city.”

Applications from Disabled people from all backgrounds are welcome. Applications close Thursday 22 July. More details can be found on the website Apply - Disability Equality Commission Chair - bristol.gov.uk.