Bristol politicians stand together in the fight against coronavirus: City Hall

22 Oct 2020

Mayoral & Vision

Bristol politicians stand together in the fight against coronavirus

A joint statement from the leaders of Bristol's main political parties

Leaders from across the political spectrum have today spoken together in support of keeping Bristol safe, acknowledging the huge efforts we have all made to date, against the backdrop of a second wave of coronavirus (COVID-19) infections.

"New cases are rising fast in all age groups and it is clear that we must now act together, to provide a safe space for all citizens of Bristol, including our most vulnerable, to help us withstand the effects of this devastating pandemic.

"Few of us have been left unscathed by its impact on our physical and mental health and wellbeing, and on our livelihoods. We would like to thank everyone across the city for playing their part in helping to stem the rate of infection, from colleagues in public health and the NHS for their enduring commitment, to education leaders and businesses who have worked so hard to create safe spaces, as well as the thousands of people working in support services and the large majority of citizens who are following government guidance to keep us all safe. Thanks also to the many council, community and city partners who are working together to help us through this challenging time.

"We recognise that people are feeling tired and that restrictions have been in place for what feels like a long time, but it is essential that we continue to act together, as one city, in fighting the virus and doing everything we can to stop the spread. Everyone needs to play their part, from hand-washing, to wearing face coverings, to keeping a sensible distance from one another. Meeting socially outside is best. Please isolate at once and get a test if you have symptoms.

"The next few months will be tough, but by working together we will get through this."


Marvin Rees, Labour Mayor of Bristol

Cllr Mark Weston, Leader of the Conservative Group

Cllr Eleanor Combley, Leader of the Green Group

Cllr Gary Hopkins, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group