Bristol City Council focuses on wellbeing for Mental Health Awareness Week 2019: Move your body Green your mind

15 May 2019

Bristol City Council focuses on wellbeing for Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

Bristol City Council is marking Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 (13-19 May) with a series of special events and initiatives on wellbeing and encouraging people to talk about their mental health.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, talks about the importance of leadership in tackling mental health issues and his own personal experiences, as the inaugural guest in a new podcast series ‘Let’s Talk Now’.

Part of the University of the West of England’s (UWE Bristol) #LetsTalkNow campaign, the new podcast series was launched to help tackle the stigma around talking about mental health issues.

Mayor Rees speaks with Vice-Chancellor of UWE Bristol Professor Steve West, in an open and wide-ranging conversation, exploring the importance of speaking up, building emotional resilience and ensuring equality of access to health services in the city. The podcast will be released soon.

Deputy Mayor Cllr Asher Craig said: “Mental Health Awareness Week is a good opportunity to shine a light on this subject and to remember that it is okay to talk about mental health - our mental health is just as important as our physical health.

“In Bristol we are committed to improving mental health with partners across the city, and the UK. We are a Time to Change hub – a national campaign to remove the stigma and discrimination of mental ill health, and are encouraging organisations to sign the Time to Change Employer Pledge. Bristol City Council signed this in February 2019 and implemented a programme of mental health support for all of its employees.

“We also launched Thrive Bristol last year – a ten-year programme designed to improve the mental health and wellbeing of everyone in Bristol with a focus on those with the greatest need - whatever their age.”

Thrive Bristol is part of the One City Approach, bringing partners and communities across the city together to tackle important issues for Bristol, including mental health. It has five main streams of activity - Work, Children & Young People, Students, Communities and Home.

It covers all ages and considers mental health in its broadest sense. It ranges from plans to improve the whole population’s wellbeing to interventions for people experiencing mental illness.

Bristol City Council’s Park Work team is running a series of volunteer workshops across the local area this week, encouraging people to: ‘Move your Body – Green your mind’, and encouraging people to spend time in green spaces to boost their mental health.

You can find out more about their events for Mental Health Awareness Week on their Facebook page.