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09 Feb 2018


Active Roadworks campaign launches

A new campaign has been launched to help ease the frustrations caused by roadworks across the city.

The Active Roadworks scheme is designed to give people more up-to-date information about the progress of maintenance work to roads, footpaths and utility apparatus in Bristol, where there are around 40,000 roadworks each year.

Bristol City Council and five utility companies are working together under a revised code of conduct for streetworks and roadworks to reduce the duration of these works as much as possible. The code was first introduced in 2013 and the council and utilities regularly review and improve their joint working.

As part of the new campaign, signage at roadworks will also be improved with clearer information about what is happening under the Active Roadworks banner.

The council and utility companies, which include Bristol Water, Wessex Water, Wales & West Utilities, Western Power Distribution and Virgin Media, will continue to jointly plan road improvements and essential utility maintenance to ensure they work in sequence, alongside new ways to inform the public and local businesses of upcoming works through improved signage and social media updates.

Residents and regular visitors to the city are invited to report any problems they see with roadworks by tweeting #ActiveRoadworks to @BristolCouncil on Twitter. Regular travel updates will continue to be posted by @TravelWestEng.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, said:

“Bristol is benefiting from significant investment in its landscape and associated infrastructure. Unfortunately it is inevitable we will have roadworks to make these changes, even though in the long run they will have a positive impact on our communities.

“In the meantime, this new campaign is all about working alongside our city partners and utility companies to minimise disruption and frustration as much as we can. As well as improving our working relationships and collaboration to ensure works run smoothly and quickly, we want to provide information about what’s happening on street and via social media. We want to make it easier to find more information about closures or roadworks so you know why you are diverted from your usual journeys.”

The new agreement signed by the council and utilities, called the Streetworks Code of Conduct, is designed to ease congestion and reduce the impact of essential roadworks and maintenance.

The campaign also features new information boards at roadwork sites in Bristol to explain what is happening, even when no one is present on site.

Cllr Mhairi Threlfall, Bristol City Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport and Connectivity, said:

“With a large and busy transport network like Bristol’s, essential roadworks need to happen if we want to continue to receive clean water, safe sanitation and power to our homes, as well as other improvements to accommodate our growth. But it’s crucial we minimise the disruption of these roadworks as much as possible. We are confident this new campaign will help us manage them in a more efficient manner and the public can help by making us aware of any problems they see through the new Twitter hashtag, #ActiveRoadworks.”

Simon Bennett, Wholesale Services Manager at Bristol Water, added:

“Bristol Water fully support the Mayor and the Bristol Code of Conduct and have been actively working with all parties to improve communications and minimise the unfortunate disruption caused by our essential works.”

Personalised travel updates, including info on planned roadworks that could affect journeys can be found at Road users can also keep up to date with current roadworks by checking


Notes to Editors:

Road users can keep up to date with current roadworks by checking

Utilities companies involved include:
Bristol Water
Wessex Water
Wales & West Utilities
Western Power Distribution
Virgin Media