A statement from Bristol’s Director of Public Health: Areyoucovered

31 Jul 2020

Public Health

A statement from Bristol’s Director of Public Health

Case numbers in Bristol remain relatively low

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement of a delay in further easing restrictions in England and the introduction of further measures in the north of England, Christina Gray, Bristol’s Director of Public Health, has issued a statement on the situation in Bristol:

“New reports of COVID-19 in Bristol are monitored very carefully by Public Health teams in both Bristol City Council and Public Health England. We are constantly looking for signs that we need to act and I am pleased to see that despite concerns in other areas of the country there has been very little need to take direct action in Bristol. Although our case numbers remain low we must be vigilant if we’re to prevent a second wave locally. This means keeping your distance from others, limiting visitors to your home, washing your hands regularly, staying at home and getting tested if you feel unwell.

“Recent reporting of new cases in Bristol has caused concern and I would like to reassure people that the level of new cases we’re seeing are low. We can expect to see small fluctuations as the scale of testing and contact tracing increases and we will remain watchful for any changes to the pattern seen already. Where local outbreaks are seen, such as that in Avonmouth, we have been able to act quickly and put in place appropriate measures, such as swift test and trace processes, to contain the spread. In this latest case we have been in regular contact with the site owners and Public Health England and thankfully very few of these cases are in Bristol.

“I recognise however that this remains a long journey and the virus will remain with us for some time yet. The Prime Minister has squeezed the brake pedal slightly to slow down the emergence from lockdown. Whilst I understand this will cause concern and frustration in equal measure I am assured that taking a cautious approach is the right approach. Council teams remain in contact with businesses and employers who require advice and support in ensuring the measures they have in place are effective.

“Please remain vigilant in our fight against COVID-19 and work with us to protect the vulnerable and those most at risk.”

For more information about how Bristol is responding to COVID-19 and for advice and guidance visit the Bristol City Council website