Regeneration and new homes

Regeneration and new homes

Site Map

New affordable homes being built

Details of our new build housing programme, where they are, and when they'll be finished.

Affordable housing

What affordable housing is, types of affordable housing, who provides it and where we’re currently building it.

Project 1000: Affordable Housing Delivery Plan

What Project 1000 is and why we’re developing this plan.

Community led housing

What community led housing is and the schemes in Bristol.

Lockleaze housing developments

The new housing developments in Lockleaze and how to take part in the consultation.

Hengrove Park and Hartcliffe Campus

Planning applications, programmes of work, key activities and development agreements

Filwood Housing Developments

The new housing developments in Filwood and how to take part in the consultation.

Southmead regeneration

Where new homes are being built in Southmead, what improvements are being made in the area and how we’re supporting them.

Knowle West Regeneration Framework

What the Knowle West Regeneration Framework is, projects we’re working on now and work we’ve done.