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Guide to renting privately during COVID-19

What you need to know about renting privately during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Guide to renting privately

Your landlord's responsibilities, your rights and responsibilities and ending a tenancy.

Problems with your property

Find out if we can you help you with problems coming from another property or in your property.

Harassment and unlawful eviction, advice for tenants

Help if you’re being harassed or have been unlawfully evicted by your landlord.

How to get back unlawful fees from your landlord

What to do if you’ve been charged unlawful fees by your landlord or letting agent

Unlicensed property

Tell us about a property that you think should have a licence, but doesn't.

Get help with home repairs

What you can use a repairs loan or grant for, types of loans and grants and how to apply

Help with mortgage debt

If you’re struggling to pay your mortgage then there are organisations that can help.

Report a rogue landlord

What a rogue landlord is and how to report one.

Report someone renting a shed, garage or garden shelter to live in (beds in sheds)

What a ‘bed in a shed’ is, how to tell us about someone paying to live in one, what we’ll do after you tell us.

Get help to apply for a rent repayment order

What a rent repayment order is, who can apply, how to apply, what it costs, how to get help to apply.

Immigration property inspection

Who to contact if you need a property inspected for immigration.

Energy efficiency at home

Make your home more energy efficient and reduce your energy usage.

Get a grant or loan to improve your home energy efficiency

What help you can get to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Solar panels

Using solar panels to generate clean, renewable energy.