Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour

What it is and how to report it.

Call 999 if a crime is happening now or you're in immediate danger.

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is unacceptable. It includes behaviour that causes harm to:

  • the environment, like graffiti or fly-tipping
  • the community, like noise pollution, drunken behaviour or drug taking
  • an individual, like threatening language or aggressive behaviour

If you’re experiencing anti-social behaviour, you could try and talk to the person causing the problem. They may not realise they’re being anti-social. Only do this if you feel safe and comfortable.

In the first instance

You could contact Resolve West. They have trained specialists who can help people involved in or affected by anti-social behaviour, including:

Their services are confidential and impartial. There is no cost for council tenants.

Report ASB

Street issues
To report street issues, like graffiti, fly-posting, rubbish or dog mess go to report a street issue.

Pollution and noise
To report pollution issues, like loud noise, light or smells go to pests, pollution, noise and food.

Other ASB
Contact the police to report other ASB, including:

  • vandalism
  • aggressive language or threatening behaviour
  • physical attacks
  • drunken behaviour
  • drug taking or dealing

You can:

ASB involving a council tenant

If you’re a council tenant or the person responsible for the ASB is a council tenant, you can also report it to the Estate Management Service.

What to do if the problem isn’t resolved

You can start a community trigger if you’ve reported anti-social behaviour but don’t feel enough action has been taken.