Mayor welcomes new Cabinet Member

Mayor welcomes new Cabinet Member

Bristol Mayor, Marvin Rees, has welcomed a new face to Cabinet in a move that will see some existing members pick up additional responsibilities to continue delivering for the city.

5 October 2021

Councillor Ellie King, Labour ward member for Hillfields, will join Cabinet immediately, taking on responsibility for Public Health, Communities and Bristol One City. Her portfolio of responsibilities will include overseeing a number of areas including community assets, libraries, parks and green spaces, events, the City Office and One City Plan, Public Health Services and health partnerships.

Councillor King’s introduction to Cabinet sees Deputy Mayor, Councillor Asher Craig, take on responsibility for Children Services, Education and Equalities.

Marvin Rees said: “I’m delighted to welcome Ellie to the Cabinet in a role that will continue to deliver for communities and make sure our city’s public health remains a focus. Her enthusiasm and drive are key reasons for the invite to join Cabinet, to build on the strong foundations laid by Councillor Craig. Working with Ellie, I aim to ensure we continue to protect our libraries and green spaces whilst reopening and building on Bristol’s world-renowned events and festivals sector. We will work with partners to prioritise our public health and ensure communities are safe, healthy and able to flourish.

“With Ellie joining us this has created the opportunity for Asher to take on a role dedicated to driving forward our ambitious plans for children and education. Asher’s vast experience and proven track record of delivery make her the ideal person to take on the responsibility of moving forward our plans to continue to deliver a great start for Bristol’s 60 000 children, ensure we continue to build new schools and grow school places, play a key role in supporting families with additional needs and providing safe and supportive homes for vulnerable children across Bristol.”

Councillor King, who was elected to Bristol City Council in May 2021, said: “It’s an honour to join the leadership team and have the opportunity to take part in the excellent work being delivered by the Mayor and Cabinet colleagues. This new role is very much about collaboration and working together across sectors and organisations to ensure communities continue to grow in a safe, healthy and sustainable way. I look forward to facing the challenges ahead and being part of a successful future for Bristol.”

Councillor Craig said: “It’s a pleasure to see Ellie join the Cabinet and take on this role of championing communities and our public health systems. I remain grateful for the support,
advice and challenge provided by the many community groups and partnerships I’ve worked with over the past few years. I feel confident that I leave this position in safe hands and can turn my attention fully onto the task of building a Bristol where children and families can flourish. I recognise the challenges we face but also the opportunities that have been created by my predecessors in the role.”

Councillor Helen Holland, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Integrated Care System will also take on the portfolio for Women and women safe city, previously led by Cllr Helen Godwin.

The next meeting of Cabinet is at 4pm on Tuesday 5 October and can be viewed live via the council’s YouTube channel.

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