Bristol City Youth Council: Open letter to the young people of Ukraine

Bristol City Youth Council: Open letter to the young people of Ukraine

The young people of Bristol stand with the young people of Ukraine.

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Members of the Bristol City Youth Council are incredibly shocked and concerned by the events unfolding in the democratic state of Ukraine, a peaceful, sovereign country in its own right - with its own individual history, culture, and values.

The world has been turned upside down for many of the country’s citizens, with explosions and gunfire becoming the new norm.

We are horrified by the aggression and hostility towards the Ukrainian people, and the impact that these actions will have on the youth of Ukraine. Many have been forced either to evacuate their homes, leaving families behind, or remain in hiding, in metro stations and basements which now act as bomb shelters.

The young people of Ukraine have already missed out on months of education due to the pandemic, and yet now, they’re forced to abandon their education once more, missing out on crucial hours of learning. Education has proven to be the greatest weapon against poverty and conflict, and the closure of hundreds of schools in the country once again could prove to be hugely detrimental to these young people, who have no choice but to remain in hiding, with some even forced to defend their homes.

We are facing the largest European conflict since the Second World War, and millions of Ukrainian young people, who just a few weeks ago were living normal lives, are now seeing their homes become warzones.

As an elected body, representing young people of Bristol, we understand the importance of democracy and freedom - something that Ukrainians are demonstrating in their determination to protect in their homeland. We also understand that we as a council, city and country, should do what we can to welcome those fleeing this conflict.

This invasion is not just an attack on Ukraine, but it is an attack on democracy, and in solidarity we will continue to work together to advance our own commitments to our democracy and the Ukrainian people in Bristol and beyond.

We stand with you. 



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